As a family business, we’re keen to support recognised group initiatives and charities local to the areas in which we’re represented. On a yearly basis we can offer a group of chosen charities a grant from The Dickson Fund.

Who can we support?

Play Groups/Mothers & Toddlers/Schools/Lunch Clubs

Religious organisations​

Individual amateur teams​

Individual amateur teams​

Youth projects

Initiatives which support the elderly

Drop in centres

Homeless and local refugee support groups

Initiatives which support the elderly

Who can we support?

1) Contact your local store manager with details of your event, accompanying evidence and the catering support you require

2) The manager will then calculate the full retail value of your food requirements and offer discount as follows:
a. Retail spends over £50 will receive 10% discount
b. Retail spends over £100 will receive 20% discount
c. Retail spends over £200 will receive 30% discount

3) Organise your own collection of the products on the day of your event with the store manager.

How to apply

For a Dickson grant please write to Dicksons Philanthropy Committee on letterhead or email us, briefly describing your organisation and the benefit a grant would give.

Head Office/Factory, M I Dickson Ltd, Unit 1, Heddon Way, Middlefields Industrial Estate, South Shields, NE34 0NT

To apply, please email

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